In today’s competitive market, once you have made a decision to put your house on the market, your home needs to have an “edge” over the other homes listed for sale. Two important keys to a successful sale are pricing & condition (or how it shows). A buyer’s positive perception of your house is crucial. Buyers know only what they see NOT the way it will/could be. Within seconds of entering your home a prospective purchaser is already forming an impression of your home. Research shows an average buyer takes three minutes to walk through a house. We will prepare your property to create the all-important first impression & memorable moments throughout their tour. In addition, your house must measure competitively against all others in your price range. Our goal is to capitalize on the initial excitement phase that your house brings to the marketplace!

As a certified staging professional, ‘Art of an Angel’ specializes in this effective marketing technique. Remember, staging is not decorating. We work with you to show your home using buyer psychology and to bring about the desired results for a reasonable fee. We recommend to always stage before any marketing or showing begins! We also recommend that your home remains staged right through the selling process – financing can always fall through. Be sure to keep it staged. We can work with you to maintain the staging until your home is sold.

Once you have placed your home on the market for sale it becomes a “product”. Staging your property is the only measurable service you can do to secure the equity you have in your home. The cost of staging is always much less then one price reduction. Statistics show that a staged home will sell faster and for a higher purchase price!