Step 1: The Consultation

This step, the consultation, begins at $300. If you continue using our services for step 2 (The Work) and step 3 (Showcasing) the consultation fee may be credited towards additional service costs. The consultation establishing a mapped out plan. We will go through each room with you and create a streamlined, yet detailed report with our recommendations. We then sit with you and determine a budget, a timeline with clear deadlines, and task assignments. You will have the option of executing all recommendations yourself or using our services.

Step 2: The Work

This step starts at $850.
This step is the execution of the consultation recommendations. This is the part where you can save money and do the job yourself or we can help with all the work: organizing, de-cluttering, fixing, painting, cleaning, packing, moving and storage, etc. All costs will be itemized in your proposal with the Consultation.

Step 3: The Showcasing

This step starts at $950. You will receive an exact quote with your proposal. Remember, the cost of our services will always be less then your first price reduction!! Showcasing is when we create the magic that makes the potential buyers stop a moment and imagine living in your house, where they fall in love with your home. This step helps the buyer feel emotionally connected to your house and leads them to make the offer you are looking for.


Staging Vacant properties includes:
Furniture rental, accessory rental and Staging service which includes: Planning, sourcing, creative design, labor, delivery & pick up of staging/de-staging materials, project management / coordination. Prices starts at $4,000 depend on number of areas and type of furniture and accessories to be used.


  • Color Consultation – $300.00.
  • Walk & Talk (about 1 hour) – $275.00
  • Staging full written report and work plan starts at $325.00


Depend on work involved and starts at $850.00


  • Per hour: $125.00
  • Shopping – $75.00 per hour.
  • Packing / Un-packing – $75.00 per hour + $25.00 per additional person.

What Is Home Staging?

Staging is NOT decorating. It is actually a three step process used to prepare a property for sale, regardless of price or location. The purpose of staging is to enhance property presentation using lifestyle selling techniques in order to secure an acceptable offer from a buyer. Staging is not only for high-end homes, and we can promise you – it will always cost less then your first price reduction.

Does Home Staging Work?

Staging work for one simple reason – 90% of buyers can not visualize the potential of a home; they can not envision themselves in a property when they look at it. This is just human nature. Buying a property is an emotional decision for all (except for investors), and this is why we need to help potential buyers to see a house as a home they can live in.

In a Hot or Slow Market?

When the market is hot and there are not many houses for sale, staging will help you sell homes for more money. In a slow property market, or even in a down property market, inventory can be flooded with houses for sale but staging gives you the edge in a market like this too.

When Is The Best Time to Stage?

Before you place your property on the market! Most buyers are looking for properties online so be sure that the photos of your property will make them want to continue to the next step and come to see it in person.
You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so stage first!

What Would Be the Process?

1). Call us to arrange an appointment for an estimate or consultation at: (818) 571-0468. Usually for vacant homes it is free estimates unless there is work to be done and needs consultation. That consultation will provide you with a customized plan of action. Why is that important and worth every penny? Because you will know exactly what to do – from color paint to flooring and counter tops with a time frame. We will work with your budget and focus on priorities – what will bring you the most return on your investment and be a selling point. No mistakes, not waisting time and money.
2). While you start execute our recommendations, we will start working on an estimate for the staging job that typically takes between 1-2 days.
3). Once accepted, we will send you an agreement. You will sign and send it back along with first payment. (can be paid with a check, Visa or MasterCard or a bank deposit).
4). Set a staging date (if we don’t have one). Usually it take one day for installation. We are using next day morning hours in case we need to complete or to exchange an item.
5). On staging day will arrive with our truck and crew. Property needs to be vacant of homeowner, agents, friends or pets. We have a lot of work and there is no time to waist. Best way is to leave a key in a lockbox for us. Second payment is due.
6). We or the agent will arrange for photographer to come the next day. This is very important since 97% of buyers will look for a property online and the photos will determine whether they will take the next step and actually come to see the property.
7). Once you have the property in escrow, let us know an estimate date of destaging. Make sure we are not destaging before all contingencies has been removed (financial process). Unfortunately not always things are going smooth and we don’t want you to go back to square 1 and your property is not staged and ready for your next potential buyer.



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